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tv   [untitled]    October 30, 2011 9:00am-9:30am PDT

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at principles at all school sites, they allowed this to the form of outreach that we needed to do to really engage students. classrooms were available. they gave us the run of the school. that was a great experience. i will say that going into the school year, i think the best place we could use assistance is just to let high school principals and teachers know about the program so they can understand that when we come in, we are actually coming in to enhance what is going on. i am a former teacher. i know the rigors that teachers deal with every day. the last thing they need is programs that don't actually enhance what they do but cause them an extra burden or more work. we are mindful of that. just advocacy and promotion of the outcomes, which i think will be beneficial for teachers and principals to understand.
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it just makes everything smoother working within the district. to your second point, we are definitely really aware of the need for working with first- generation college students and providing them what they need to get ready and prepared for college. the difference with the program during the school year is the time. we have the entire school year to do that. we will definitely provide workshops on how to talk to schools, financially and workshops. we will work with college track. i will mention the rest of the partners in a second. we will pull from them and work to combine resources. they will be coming in and talking to our youth and letting them know how to go to the process. we have a college were planned for the spring. i'm really fighting to get more funding so we can possibly do that to where they go out of state for this portion of the programming. we will have a college tour at the end of the program as well. the youth the chance to visit
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schools. we are on that track and we want them to be aware of everything they can do at the next level in terms of education as well as all the job options that are available for them. >> you said 70 out of 74 past. -- passed. >> the four that passed passed one of their class. one of the four did not pass english. two of those four did not pass algebra. one of them received an n. one of the things that would be helpful for us in terms of engagement and keeping people on track as having the names. we don't have the names, the actual names of the participants that received what. the district could not give us that information. we have gone through the formal
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mou process. we will have access to everything. we will be able to follow up and find out where gaps are and who missed what, and the best way to a system. >> for those that were successful that completed the program, has the district giving you any kind of a status update or progress report on how these students are doing in this fall semester? >> the first reporting period is coming to a close and we will have the information in report cards. we will be able to track those used -- youth who went through the program over the summer. it will take some time to get that information. the district has said they will provide that for us. >> if i remember correctly, the program once -- was -- there were challenges in getting the word out. what kind of improvements will
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you be able to make? getting the word out, advertising, and would like to see even more students enrolled. >> i would like to be able to do it at each school site. i think one of the things, it was a first-time program. i think getting everyone to be aware of the constraints and the time. and how quickly things move is something that we have the ability to do this year. same thing with the school year. just being prepared, and all this stuff being put in place. we are building from the ground up. we know what we need to do, when we need to start the planning and everything. i just need to get the go but in -- go button. we're prepared to move earlier. supervisor cohen: thank you very much. thank you for being good community partners. colleagues, seeing that there
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are no comments, i would like to open up for public comment. are there any members here that would like to speak on this item? no? public comment is closed appeared could you please read the second item on the agenda? >> there is only one item on the agenda today. supervisor cohen: great. thank you very much. that adjourns the meeting. have a good week.
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got it a pleasant day is tuesday, october 25, 2011. [ roll call] >> in accordance with rule 14, the senior commissioner will be the acting commissioner.
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>> are there any additions or corrections to the minutes? the i have a motion? all those in favor? motion carries. at this point, i would call for public comment. >> we have a couple of speaker cards today. >> my name is espinola jackson. i come to you because the last time i have a conversation with you are when you have a combined meeting, this is dealing with the community college. i would like to give you my history. we started the human rights commission in 1962.
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in 1972, the citizens of san francisco -- because of that, there was litigation. land was given to do what it desired to do. they first offered us the bill, and we said no. we wanted a community college. the subject would come up like nursing. the class's were closed. we knew what the needs were. we still have been fighting for issues that we have been going through for 50 years. and i am tired. i want you all, as of this day, i want you to have your staff
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cease and desist, make a decision for what goes on at southeast community college. it is the responsibility of that commission, it was a mandate that we have a commission, and that the community with the desire what goes on in that college, and education and training facility. it is not for what ever you think you might want to have. once my commission says this is what the community wants, then they can come to you. but at this day, i want you have your staff to cease and desist because i went to a meeting last friday at the chancellor's dated to may, what you're talking about we can't do because they said that we can only have the fourth floor. your staff doesn't make decisions on what happens to that college. when you were set up, i did not
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know you were being set up and because you weren't even established at that time. it was the public works and the water department. and there are a lot of other things that we were not informed of until 1996. i want you all just to stop because i am getting too old to be stressed. and have my community come to seme. the majority of them are not going to speak. i liked to stand a better in support of what i am saying to you today. thank you very much. >> ms. jackson, a couple quick questions so i can get my arms around it. is mr. moses here? >> he had an operation a couple
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of weeks ago. if you look at when the commission was set up, it was the community that hired mr. moses. it was not the city. his own staff -- when he leaves, and i believe he has been there 20 years, he should be about ready to retire, it would be up to the community to decide who we want to make sure that we get what we started off -- we have not changed our plans. who >> let me ask you a follow- up question. when we were out there a few months ago, we had a chance to hear from them being. -- the dean. he's here, right? >> no, he's not -- i don't think he's here.
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>> maybe i can help. as i think everyone here what it meant, that facility has been underutilized for some time. he community college district was failing to offer a number of class is, they were closing class is down. they have another center out and cutting other class is. we got involved because we have a responsibility to make that a vibrant building that is good for the things that you wanted to be. we have suggested a number of things to the community college district. we have met with the chancellor for a long time. based on our suggestions, they added classism and are starting to make it more vibrant. but we don't think this is the only possibility for that building. so we have been looking at other choices that we plan on bringing back to the southeast commission and say that these things look
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like choices also. do they work? because of that, interestingly enough, the other genes have decided that since it is now a vibrant place, they want back then in a building they were planning on the abandoning in many ways. we're figuring out how to share the space. there have been afternoons were you seeing no one. it sits empty and having no one uses it is not to anyone's benefit. we're trying to figure out how to program the building to make sense, but nothing will be done without you folks to make sure that everyone is aware of what is going on. city college has flipped on that building so many times from abandoning it to meeting all of it. they're not very good partners, frankly. >> can i make a correction?
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we have had several deans. they didn't do their job. we could not do anything about it until some of us learned what was going on. we had them removed and we demanded that we have a young man to become the dean of that school. he is not the dna. in order to talk to these young brothers and bring them in. to bring back the nursing program and bring back programs that we had. this young man was part of that movement. the reason it is going out is because of the change. they had to go get a woman that was the dean of that college. they had to get her out of retirement to come and go with me because of the fact that i am saying what has happened and what is going on. and she is making sure that she went back and told him, what was
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going on there. what mrs. jackson is saying is a fact. she did a report, and guess what? yes, they are on the road to recovery because of the fact that we passed and acted on a commission because they told they couldn't do anything. i said, yes, you can do something. that is the reason why i requested when roger it was the ceo to set up a commission that the department of public works into the water department would be responsible for that building. and when i come here this last year, i guess it was last year, i am hearing that you own the building and you can do what you want with it? that is not true. you cannot do that.
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we are not the garbage dump for the city that we have been all these years. >> we are your partners. and we are the ones helping that building. >> when they had the meeting, i ask that you come into the meeting. that is why you got involved, because i requested it. have the meeting, a combined meeting with the college and your staff came. i am the one that gave that request because they were unaware of what they were supposed to be doing. i am a fair person. i want you to be fair with my community. i want you to listen to what we want and not what you may think will be good. i have people coming in that says that they are going into the building. you're not going into my building because you're not an educational system. everything that we fought for we are still fighting for.
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just last week, i went to human rights. all those that were set up in 1962, is on their agenda. nothing has been done. everything that we ever got we have had to fight for. nobody is giving us nothing. don't shoved something down my throat and tell me that you're going to do this. we fought for it. you didn't do nothing. but make sure that that building would be taking care of with the services that we wanted. when you became a commission. i have never seen your charter. >>, miss jackson, thank you. i'm just trying to get my arms around, because i take it seriously, the cease and desist order. the commissioners, we don't
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direct staff. i want to figure out -- >> new director general manager to wait until we come together. there is a meeting tomorrow and if you want to send one of your staff to the meeting, it is the governor's committee where we will be discussing what we need to be doing with you and everybody else in this city. >> and i want to work with you directly. the last time i found it not only educational, but in lightning. and the documents you distributed i went over with a fine tooth comb, and that is the history. promises that were made are promises that have to be kept. i am feeling like i need a little more help to help. i want to be engaged. that way i can be a conduit home and assist you in the way you want. >> thank you very much.
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>> my name is oscar james, i am a bayview hunters point resident. i was a commissioner when we accepted the property for the college. we had a bayview hunters point college with city college courses, berkeley campus courses, and san francisco state courses. three months prior to it being opened, the defunded if. of the programs had to be self sustaining and that is why the city college is there by themselves now. when we had all those other courses and all of those other facilities, the place was packed. you say you're having problems keeping the building filled. he brings some of those campuses
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back. it will help people for that area of education. he became a phd with some of the courses there. those of the type of things we need. but that is our property. we're not going to let anyone take our property. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> commissioners, my name is francisco decosta. i come from time to time to address issues not only of the community but issues that have all of san francisco.
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espinola jackson, you know her very well. she has been not only a fighter, but a mother of the bayview hunters point. what i am saying is very simple, pretty well, including your attorneys. i know where you come from. we have to have focused meetings. as much as i think i know about sfpuc, when in doubt, i call my friends who work for puc. is this true? can you enlighten me on this subject? so i am educated on issues. even though i know a lot about puc for the last 40 years.
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so we have some dealership here. we need to contact the right people who gather the right information so that what ever is going to happen has the blessings of the elders. in all indigenous communities, you have to get their blessings of the elders. that is just how is done. if the city and county of san francisco and some politicians want to do it some other way, then you know what? you're going to challenge the community. and somebody challenged me with hunter's point. they learned a big lesson.
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i do not want to be an enemy of the public utilities commission. the general manager knows that. in all of my deliberations, i have never said anything about him because i want him to take us to a better place. i have stood by you. so what i am saying is, we have good leadership in the sfpuc. we have good leadership in the community. let's work together to take our community to a better place. thank you very much. >> next speaker. >> good afternoon, commissioners. the last 10 years, i have been working here and honest to god,
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i thought i have seen everything. every day is a new surprise. you have heard from the previous speakers about how things work in this city. this is contract cs910. as of today, nothing in this contract has ever been implemented. [unintelligible] none of the other's have gotten work on this contract. we spent roughly 2.4 and we have less than a year left.
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this is the cost proposal for the contract. none of the hours have been utilized. the price hasn't been utilized. it is a bid in your staff just threw it out the door. none of these were awarded except for one manhattan and. >> what is the nature of the contract? >> it is and on call cm contract. out of the five key staff that were asked for by name to qualify and be selective, eire worked roughly 48 hours a week. everyone else did not get a job. for the record, one of our senior staff who worked on the program.
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never got a single hour working on this contract. some got hired by other team members. even other staff got hired. we're talking about corruption. this is an article from the business journal in denver. federal charges, there are paying $1.5 million for the following. the false claims, a kickback by the justice department. l.a. times. the department of water and power. [chime] >> the artificially inflated the value of the work performed.
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this is another one of your distinguished companies. they had a settlement offered for $30 million in the commission rejected it for $120 million for that work. why am i bringing all this to you? this is a package. the change order. it was provided in the region. the change order goes then in a process the whole they are well aware of. >> time is up. >> i would like to state the nature of the reason your coming before us. >> the nature is the scam that has been taking place here at the puc where taxpayer money is
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being given to charges as simple as liquor stores, food, in terms of change orders, you have five people have signed the change order and none of them have this document. what are they signing? we're not getting work because we would not be engaged in this kind of business. this is what it is. it does apply. i told them there is a document that i just got. on friday -- >> excuse me. i don't mean to be rude, but we have a time limit. your to present what you want to present within that period of time. this is something that should be taken up with the general manager. this area is too involved for it to be discussed at this time.
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>> i will take a look and report back to the commission. >> if you don't want to hear it, i understand that. the puc has a certain way of doing business, but tell them this is how the money is being spent. i give up on your staff. >> excuse me. could you please take this up with the general manager? >> we have no other speaker cards. >> eric brooks with the san francisco green party, chair of the sustainability working group as well as the local grassroots organizations. first just to back up what looks like a whistle-blower


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